Get yourself a perfect hairdo with Samantha Lindsay, the Hairy Hippie! She has her own little space at Je bent een Parel and she loves to create the perfect style for you. Planning on a fabulous night out? Book in a Blowdry! Or does your hair need some more TLC? We have a few caring treatments which will make your hair feel as new. Sam is a colour expert, so do not hesitate to try something new! From babylights and balayage to creative colouring.

Creative colour can range from vivid colour to fashion trends, pastels, mermaid hair or can be cross between different colouring techniques. If you would like to get creative with your hair colour I would recommend a consultation before a service to book out the special timing needed for your wishes.

Almost all products we use are vegan, cruelty free and free of chemicals and other bad stuff!

Sam’s speciality lies in more feminine hairdos and styles – so for the really short & barbershop cuts, it might be better to go to someone else. Are you not sure if she is the best stylist for your wishes, just contact us!


Cut & Blowdry & Style Duur Prijs
Cut & Blowdry 60 min. € 60,00
Cut & Blowdry (Extra thick/long hair) 90 min. € 70,00
Bangs  cut       15 min. € 15,00
Blowdry 60 min. € 36,00
Blowdry (Extra thick/long hair) 75 min. € 45,00
Blowdry (Hair extensions) 90 min. € 50,00
Express Curls Styling (Only on dry hair) 25 min. € 25,00
Pin Curls Styling (Only on dry hair) 45 min. € 45,00
Consultation Wedding hair 20 min. Free


Colour Duur Prijs
Root Tint & Blowdry 120 min. € 81,00
Root Tint, Cut & Blowdry 150 min. € 105,00
One Colour & Blowdry 150 min. € 93,00
One Colour, Cut & Dry 150 min. € 115,00
Highlights or Babylights Duur Prijs
Faceframe, Toner & Blowdry 150 min. € 93,00
Faceframe, Toner, Cut & Blowdry 165 min. € 115,00
Half Head, Toner & Blowdry 180 min. € 118,00
Half Head, Toner, Cut & Blowdry 180 min. € 140,00
Full Head, Toner & Blowdry 210 min. € 183,00
Full Head, Toner, Cut & Blowdry 210 min. € 205,00
Balayage, Toner & Blowdry 210 min. € 193,00
Balayage, Toner, Cut & Blowdry 210 min. € 215,00
Colour Consultation 20 min. Free


Treatments Duur Prijs
Olaplex Treatment no. 1 & no. 2
Olaplex is a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. If you’ve over-bleached or had your hair highlighted for years, Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair.
*This treatment does not include blowdrying, this is charged extra.
30 min. € 37,00
Unwind Treatment
The treatment will begin with a hair wash then followed by a 25min head massage. After the massage a mask is applied to the hair and wrapped in a hot towel to get the full relaxing experience. Once the towel has cooled, the final rinse of the mask. Leaving you feel relaxed and with hydrated hair.
*This treatment does not include blowdrying, this is charged extra.
35 min. € 32,00
Express Treatment
Begins with a hair wash followed by a NAK 60 second hair mask. A simple express treatment, for people on the go that want that extra moisturiser boost to their hair.
*This treatment does not include blowdrying, this is charged extra.
15 min. € 12,50
Alfaparf Keratin Treatment
This is not a reconstructive treatment, but is designed to replenish the hair, containing Keratin to strengthen and collagen to calm frizz, smooth curls and enhance shine. While the treatment does have a slight straightening effect, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that break down the hair bonds permanently. It penetrates the hair to repair it internally, which is why a course of treatments can be beneficial. It saves up to 60% of blow dry time and lasts 2-2.5 months.The treatment is formaldehyde and paraben-free.
*A consultation before booking is recommended as the price and timing may vary for longer and thicker hair.
180-240 min. va. € 295,00

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